Doll Types



MY BIG EYES GIRLS are the kind of anime girl, who look as if butter wouldn’t melt in their mouth, but don’t push your luck too far. They look a tad under age to me. I can’t imagine what makes them dress so provocatively.

Anime dolls often live in high-rise apartments, with hardly room for one doll, let alone a whole colony. I hope my big eyes girls bring some joy to lockdown viewers in interesting times. We must all let our hair down sometimes!

MY BIG FAT MAMAS are a very different kind of fleece doll. They are all over the place, like a rash. This monster strain of muppety creatures must be the result of a mad scientist’s failed experiment. Sooo scary!

The terrible thing about big fleece muppets is they never take “NO” for an answer. It may be 7th Heaven for doll addicts with the stamina to satisfy every demand of these big fat mamas. But what about us mere mortals?

MY BIG GLAM BABES are the kind of glamorous girls, you could easily see on the silver screen. Judging by the misty look in their eyes, that’s exactly what they’re watching right now. I wonder what else grabs their attention? What you think?

MY BIG HARD HEADS are the kind of Soviet era East European girl you don’t want to mess with, unless of course you need some discipline!